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We regularly update our forms to comply with changing standards. Please see the list of forms below along with helpful links to articles and explanations.

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Individual Forms

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Asset Forms

TitleContentFile SizeFile TypeLink
Bank Account Verification

Use this to verify bank accounts such as savings, checking, CD

67 KBpdf
Investment Account Verification

Use this to verify mutual funds, annuities, IRA, 401K, etc.

65 KBpdf
Life Insurance Verification

Use to verify whole or universal policies. Term accounts have no cash value and do not count as assets.

36 KBpdf
Real Estate Asset Worksheet

Used by manager to show real estate calculations

113 KBpdf
Tax Assessor’s Verification58 KBpdf
Trust Account Verification

Note trust accounts can be income or assets

34 KBpdf
Under 50K Asset Certification81 KBpdf

Income Forms

TitleContentFile SizeFile TypeLink
Child Support/Alimony Verification

This can be used by a 3rd party making payments

48 KBpdf
Employment Verification

Revised in 2020 as a fillable form with additional questions.

138 KBpdf
Gift Income Verification

Use this to verify ongoing cash contributions or for recurring contributions for things such as rent payments, utility payments, etc.

55 KBpdf
No Change in Income Statement19 KBpdf
Pension Verification60 KBpdf
Unemployment Benefit Income Verification96 KBpdf
Section 8 Income Verification

Use to verify income for a voucher assisted household

68 KBpdf
Self Employed Income Affidavit

Use this for anyone who receives income as a business owner, independent contractor, sole proprietor, cash pay, odd jobs, etc. Here is a blog article about self employment income.

35 KBpdf
Unable to Obtain 3rd Party Verification

Used by manager to document file with efforts to obtain 3rd party verification

24 KBpdf
Veterans Income Verification

Send to VA office

86 KBpdf
Year to Date Clarification

Use this when annualized YTD pay does not closely match projected pay data provided by employer

25 KBpdf

Tenant Affidavit Forms

Leasing staff should not fill out tenant affidavit forms!

TitleContentFile SizeFile TypeLink
Authorization to Release Information38 KBpdf
Live in Aide Tenant Affidavit24 KBpdf
Live-In Aide Self-Affidavit51 KBpdf
Certification of Zero Income

Use this for any adult tenant with no reported income

59 KBpdf
Live-In Aide Verification

Use to obtain medical verification for the need of a live-in aide

137 KBpdf
Marital Status Affidavit

Use for anyone divorced, separated, widowed, or estranged from their spouse

31 KBpdf
Custody and Child Support Affidavit

Use for any child not living with both biological or adoptive parents to help establish income and student eligibility.

91 KBpdf
School Employee Affidavit36 KBpdf
Seasonal Work Affidavit

Use this for any tenant employed in a seasonal capacity

34 KBpdf
Tip Affidavit23 KBpdf
Unemployment Income Verification86 KBpdf
Unemployed Status Affidavit

Use this for any adult tenant with no job

64 KBpdf

Student Forms

TitleContentFile SizeFile TypeLink
Financial Aid Affidavit

Use for all college/university students.

48 KBpdf
Student Status Affidavit

All adult members of household complete and sign this if detailed student questions are not on your application/questionnaire.

43 KBpdf
Tuition & Financial Aid Verification89 KBpdf

Management Forms

TitleContentFile SizeFile TypeLink
Tenant Income Certification (HOTMA rev 2024)182 KBpdf
Application297 KBpdf
Clarification Form

Use to document information obtained verbally or to explain any unusual circumstance in the file.

53 KBpdf
Resyndication Clarification47 KBpdf
Interview Checklist226 KBpdf
Over Income Clarification Form72 KBpdf
Household Eligibility Questionnaire

Replaces interview checklist and recertification questionnaire. Suggest making this form a requirement in our state monitoring and no longer requiring the 8 page application form.

364 KBpdf
Verification of Terminated Employment67 KBpdf
Recertification Update206 KBpdf
Certification Worksheet186 KBpdf

Lease Addendum Forms

TitleContentFile SizeFile TypeLink
Utility Allowance63 KBpdf
Tax Credit Eligibility40 KBpdf
Smoke Detector91 KBpdf
Lease Renewal66 KBpdf
Income Limits62 KBpdf
Fraud61 KBpdf
140%65 KBpdf

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