State Monitoring

From authorized delegates to à la carte services and support

We help states save time and money by helping manage their compliance needs.

Our team of seasoned professionals are available to assist any state agency with compliance monitoring. Whether you’re looking for long-term support, assistance with a single item, or an on-going consultancy, we are here to help.

Beginning with our contract in 1992 with the state of Massachusetts, Spectrum has been contracted to work with 13 different housing agencies. These contracts have ranged from short-term to 30 years in length. We currently have contracts to review files, perform physical inspections and collect EOY data for:

  • Massachusetts
  • Hawaii
  • Connecticut
  • Delaware 

Additionally, we have unique contracts with:

  • California to collect their EOY data
  • Washington to perform physical inspections
  • American Samoa to review tenant move-in files

Our proprietary software for auditing files and performing physical inspections results in a streamlined reporting process. Easily upload everything on our secure portal or have us travel to where you need us and can provide immediate feedback and recommendations on how to improve.

From overall assistance with LIHTC and Affordable Housing compliance to much more granular tasks, we’re here to take the pressure off state housing agencies and their staff.