State/Investor Audit Preparation

Save yourself from costly non-compliance findings

Nobody knows more about the audit process than us.

Since 1991, we’ve had a designated division that acts as the Authorized Delegate for state agencies. In this capacity we have conducted tens of thousands of audits and inspections and prepared thousands of IRS Form 8823s. We know what compliance is required—and how to get you there.

An audit can be a very stressful event, but our experienced team can assist you with expert evaluation, advice and the preparation to help alleviate the worry.

How We Help

  • Review tenant files and other relevant documentation ranging from partnership agreements, regulatory agreements, restrictive covenants and your Form 8609s
  • Prepare a comprehensive report that spells out the file issues that may be noted as noncompliance by the state
  • Inform you about any procedural issues we see

Spectrum’s UPCS certified inspection team will:

  • Check for both health and safety issues and routine maintenance issues that should be addressed prior to the state audit
  • Inspect all common areas and any units you select
  • Review noted issues with the staff at the time of inspection
  • Issue a report that breaks down the findings by the UPCS level rating

Already had an audit and need help?

Our team is also available after a state audit to help prepare any response required. However, please note that we are unable to provide this service in states where we act as the authorized Delegate: MA, CT, HI and USVI.

Ready to get ahead of compliance? 

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