Spectrum Enterprises will be offering a monthly 60 to 90-minute live webinar on various and common LIHTC compliance topics

First up is BACK TO SCHOOL: Understanding the LIHTC Student Status Rule & Exceptions on Wednesday, August 19th at 1:00 pm EDT

Can I use this video to recertify for my C3P status?  No! Unfortunately this session on its own is not long enough to qualify.  However, combined with other upcoming short sessions you will be able to get the necessary credit hours to waive the $50 recertification fee for C3P and STAR because you are training with Spectrum!

Can I stop in the middle of the video if the office gets busy? No!  This is a live event.

How much does it cost? $75.00


Any questions contact Kristan Fucci at 207-767-8000 x201