NAHMA XML Standard to be Modified to Accommodate HUD’s Tenant Data Collection Initiative (2008 HERA)

Written by Paul Perpich Director of Software Developement

In order to accommodate the specific demographic data HUD is requesting, the State Housing Finance Agency Low Income Housing Tax Credit Data Transfer Standard (commonly known as the NAHMA XML standard) is being modified. I have been working closely with the standards group and Michael Hollar at HUD over the past eight months on updating the standard and it looks like a final draft will be completed within the next 30 days.

What this means is that those properties that are using management system software (e.g. Yardi, Real Page, Boston Post and others) that support the NAHMA XML standard will be able to make a single transfer of tax credit data into the Spectrum End of Year software in the same manner as they are doing now and that transfer will contain the data HUD is requesting.

It is expected that the updated XML export process will be available in those management systems that support it in time for the collection and submission of 2011 TIC data. Contact your vendor for information. At Spectrum we’ll have the new standard incorporated into our End of Year software sometime during the 4th quarter of 2011.

As part of the this ongoing process, HUD is in the final phase of modifying their TIC form in order to clarify some of the data elements as well as their instructions. Below are pending changes to the form. While HUD is also making changes to the instructions that accompany the TIC form, they have not been completed and a draft is not yet available.

Initial TIC Form
Pending Updated TIC Form
Move-in Date:
LIHTC Qualification Date:
Replaced with PIN:
Vacant Unit
Was Unit Vacant on December 31, 2010?  Yes;  No
(Is Yes, no other information required.)
Added – Did Not Respond
Added – Did Not Respond
Is Disabled:
Added – Did Not Respond
Part III: Gross Annual Income
Added – Individual Household Member Income is optional
Part IV: Income From Assets
Added – Individual Household Member Income is optional
Effective Date of Income Certification:
Effective Date of LIHTC Income Certification:
Household Size at Certification:
Household Size at LIHTC Certification:
Household Meets Income Restriction at:
 60%• 50%    40%• 30%  ____%
Household Meets LIHTC Income Restriction at:
 50% AMGI;
 60% AMGI
Household Income at Move-in:
Household Income at LIHTC Qualification Date:
Household Size at Move-in:
Household Size at LIHTC Qualification Date:
Maximum Rent Limit for this unit:
Maximum LIHTC Rent for this Unit:
Unit Meets Rent Restriction at:
 60%• 50%    40%• 30%  ____%
Unit Meets LIHTC Rent Restriction at:    50% AMGI;
 60% AMGI
Part VII. Student Status
Added – #6. Extended-Use Period
Next time I will be covering how we’ll be implementing more extensive help and tutorials in our End of Year software including complete information on the HUD data requirements.

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