2023 Income Limits

May 16, 2023

HUD has announced the 2023 income limits for the MTSP housing programs effective May 15, 2023. This includes low income housing tax credits and tax exempt bond financing. HUD allows for a 45 day grace period, which means these limits must be in use by June 29, 2023.

Our advice to all housing professionals is to immediately check for an increase for your sites. If the income limits in your area have increased go back through any files denied over the past few months to see if any slightly over income households may qualify under the new limits.

To find your 2023 income limits visit this site (and make sure to bookmark it!):


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2023 Income Limits Delayed

2023 Income Limits Delayed

Friday December 2nd, HUD announced that the 2023 income limits will be delayed approximately 6 weeks beyond the normal publishing date of April 1st.  More information will follow as it is provided.



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