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Recertify your C3P Status Now!

It is that time again!  Time to send in your C3P recertification renewal forms.  If you have your C3P (or above) you are eligible to receritfy.  Even if you havnen’t done it in a few years, you are still eligible.  All we need is a copy of the renewal form, the renewal fee and proof that you have taken at least 3 hours of continuing education during the 2015 calendar year.

Here is the link to the form.

If you need to take a continuing education course we have a 3 hour LIHTC brush up video that will qualify you.  The course is $195, and the $50 renewal fee is waived.

FAQ About C3P Renewal

What if I earned my C3P this year (2015)?

You will be eligible for your C4P certificate in 2016.  Keep track of any training you take and submit at the end of next year.

How much does it cost?

The renewal fee is $50.  However, if you have taken a training class with Spectrum during the 2015 calendar year your fee is waived.  All you  need to do is note that on your renewal form.  

Why should I recertify?  

It is not required but it does show that you are keeping up with your continuing education.  Many companies require employees to show they are current with their certificates.  

How do I submit my recertification form?  

You can mail it to our home office or you can email it to: admin@spectrumseminars.com .  

When will I receive my new certificate?

The certificates go out by the end of January.  

I’m getting back into the business and I haven’t updated my certificate in a few years.  How do I recertify?

No problem!  Although you do need to show that you have taken at least 3 hours of continuing education to qualify you can still update your certificate.  Please note, we cannot bump you up more than one number per year.

What qualifies as continuing education?

We need proof that you are continuing to learn and hone your skills.  We will accept any LIHTC training, Fair Housing, Real Estate renewals and anything you can relate to the Tax Credit program.  Don’t forget we offer a 3 hour online training that qualifies you!  If you have any doubts, contact me!

Questions? Email: admin@spectrumseminars.com or call 207-767-8000 x201.

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