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Pre Approval Report Formatting – 8/17/2020

Written by Deb Bechetti & Lainey Nadeau

Spectrum is using a new format for documenting comments and corrections on the pre-approval report.  These changes are being made in an effort to have consistent formatting and wording in all pre-approvals, regardless of the assigned analyst.  These changes also make the outstanding issues more apparent to the property so that corrections can be more precise.

There are now 2 headings under COMMENTS on the report when corrections are required. 


PROCEDURAL ISSUES (Informational only) 

When the corrections are received the analyst will add a response and date to the report addressing each numbered item. If the correction is adequate ISSUE CLEARED will be noted next to the response.  

If the correction is not adequate Spectrum will add additional comments.

Files will be rated 2 until all comments under RESPONSE REQUIRED have been CLEARED. 

The comments under PROCEDURAL ISSUES are informational only. Files with procedural comments only will be rated 1 and corrections should not be resubmitted. 

If a file is not approved it will be rated 3 with the following comment and should not be resubmitted. 

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