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Written by Wil Whalen, Spectrum Enterprises


At some point in your Tax Credit career, you may take Steve Rosenblatt’s C3P Tax Credit Certification Seminar. Many people approach this class with a sense of fear because they’ve heard about the dreaded C3P Certification Exam. The C3P Certification Exam has become the stuff of Tax Credit Urban Legends. No one passes it on their first try and people get fired for not passing the exam. Just to put those urban legends to rest, know that many people pass this exam on their first try. Also, here at Spectrum we have never heard of someone being fired for failing this exam. Now that we’ve cleared that up, let’s talk about how to overcome basic exam anxiety.

First and foremost, put the exam out of your mind. If you spend the day and a half in class dreading the exam, you will most likely fail to absorb and retain the information being given to you. Exam anxiety can be distracting if nothing else.

Second: Listen. Steve will tell you everything you need to know to pass this exam. He will tell you what to highlight in your C3P Manual, what notes to take and he will answer your questions. The most knowledgeable person in the room is Steve. If you have a question, ask Steve. If you are confused, tell Steve. If you have a concern, address it with Steve. Chances are the person next to you is as confused as you, if not more. Also, side conversations during the class are distracting to others and any time you take your attention away from Steve, you may be missing vital information.

Third: Don’t leave the “class” in the room. Think about what you’ve learned on your breaks. Keep it in the back of your mind at lunch. Take 15 minutes or so before you go to sleep to think about and review what you’ve learned that day. Get a good night’s sleep between day one and two. Your chances of doing well on the exam will increase greatly if you are well rested.

The C3P Tax Credit Certification Seminar isn’t designed to just give you the information to pass the exam. The class is designed to teach you everything you will need to maneuver in the Tax Credit world, whether you are a housing officer, a property manager or even an investor in a Tax Credit property.


The first thing to know about this exam is that there is no reward for finishing first and no shame in finishing last. Your best bet is to block out the other people in the room. Don’t pay attention to how others are reacting to the exam and the questions. Don’t allow someone else’s stress level to affect yours.

Relax and go at your own pace. Read each question carefully. Read each answer option carefully. Do not try to “read into” anything. The questions and answers mean exactly what they say. There are no trick questions or hidden meanings.

Go with your gut. Chances are your first instinct is the correct one. The more you second guess yourself with any question, the more you will confuse yourself. The more you confuse yourself, the higher your anxiety level. If the anxiety still persists, know that it’s natural to have some anxiety. Just use it as a reminder to do your best and let it motivate you.

When you’re finished, do not go back and read each question and check your answers. This will only lead to a lot of second guessing and changed answers typically end up being the wrong answers. However, do scan through the exam to ensure that you’ve answered every question and the answer bubbles are completely filled in. Also, make sure your contact information is correct.

Once you’ve finished the exam, put it out of your mind. Don’t stress thinking about how you did. Once your exam results arrive, you’ll know exactly how you scored in the various areas. You can use this as a guide so you’ll know what to study should you choose to retake the exam online.

Last, remember once again that the C3P Tax Credit Certification Seminar isn’t there just to teach you how to pass the exam. It’s there to equip you with the knowledge you will need to be an effective member of your Tax Credit team.


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