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Emergency Response Planning

Written by Ed Clark, Spectrum Enterprises

At a conference earlier this year I attended a discussion regarding emergency preparedness. Credit to Lenora Nelson for some excellent advice. Remember, in the event there is a major event at your property, you should consider yourself a kind of “first responder” because your tenants do! This past year properties all over the country had to cope with fires/floods/hurricanes/tornadoes/power outages/explosions and all manner of potential chaos. Being prepared for the unlikely can help your property get back to normal quickly.

Things to have:

                                Flashlights and extra batteries

                                Handheld weather radio with crank for charging

                                At least 3 gallons of drinking water for each staff member

                                Non-perishable foods

                                Cleaning agents

                                Emergency blankets

                                First Aid Kit



    • REMAIN CALM! Your tenants will take their cues from you.

    • Check for damage in the office.  If electrical power is out, turn off the main breaker.

    • Know where to shut off the gas supply if requested by either the Utility Company or Emergency Responders.

    • Social Media (Facebook, Google Plus etc.) have proven to be very helpful. So are having two way radios and cell phones. If your weather radio has a USB port you can charge up cell phones.

    • COMPANY CONTACTS: Regional Corporate office staff. Make sure these numbers are readily available to all site staff.

    • EMERGENCY NUMBERS: Local PD/Local FD/Red Cross/Emergency Shelters/ Hospitals/etc.

    • VENDOR LIST: should include contact numbers/account numbers/Tax ID/Passwords and any other information needed to restore services

    • SITE STAFF: Ask them what tools are critical for them to continue to perform their dutiesin a disaster and make sure those tools are on hand.

I’ll post more on this issue in my next blog.

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