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2015-2016 Staffing Changes

The private monitoring division has experienced consistent growth over the past several years and we have made the following staffing adjustments to better serve our clients.

1. Jen Borland is now the main point of contact for all of our “File Pre Approval” work. Jen has taken an increased role in this division to oversee a staff of 12 full time employees providing this service to over a thousand properties across the US. If you have any questions about this service or want to request a proposal – please contact Jen Borland directly. (207) 805-0025 or jborland@spectrumlihtc.com

2. Jennifer Borland is now the main point of contact for all of our “Tenant File Training” work. Jennifer has several years experience providing LIHTC compliance reviews for hundreds of properties throughout the US. In recent years she has been delivering full day training sessions to groups of property managers on how to certify low income tenants and successfully maintain tenant file records to achieve clean reports from investor and state agency partners. If you have any questions about this service or want to request a proposal – please contact Jennifer Borland directly. (207) 805-0025 or jborland@spectrumlihtc.com

3. As of January 2016 Wesley Chisholm has been with Spectrum for 2 full years. In his current role, Wes has been the main point of contact for many of our clients to get proposals and contracts in place; working with sites on how to submit files to our office using our online portal; generating all invoices; and helping to shape the format of all reporting used by Spectrum. Wes will be gradually moving out of this role as he is being promoted to a full time compliance analyst. We have hired Daniel Warren to take over the role being vacated as a result. Daniel is a recent graduate of the inaugural Property Management Training class at Southern Maine Community College here in South Portland, ME. Wesley Chisholm: (207) 805-0028 or weslihtc@gmail.com Dan Warren: (207) 805-0933 or dwarren@spectrumlihtcom

4. It is always exciting to share news of promotions and new hires. Unfortunately, we are also losing a member of our staff who has been with us since 2009.  Melissa Flavell has given her notice and, while we have been very fortunate to have her part of our team for so long, we will miss working with her. Melissa has impressed many people throughout the industry with her dedication to providing compliance services of a very high caliber. She has been a terrifically dependable employee and many clients have expressed to me how grateful they are with the quality and care of her work. Hers will be large shoes to fill. Good luck with your next endeavor!

5. Tami Peterson has recently been hired by Spectrum as a full time Compliance Analyst. Tami has worked locally in Southern Maine for over 15 years in various affordable housing programs including HUD, HOME, LIHTC, and USDA. Most of her time was spent working for a public housing authority and she is extremely knowledgeable on LIHTC properties with mixed funding. Tammi: tpeterson@spectrumlihtc.com

6. In 2015 we were fortunate to add 2 additional Compliance Analysts to our company. Both Jennifer Guptill and Carolyn Price joined our team last year bringing with them a strong background in LIHTC compliance auditing. They both have worked extensively to properties in several states and with multiple sources of funding. Jennifer: (207) 805-0024 or jenlihtc@gmail.com, Carolyn: (207) 805-0041 or carolynlihtc@gmail.com.

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