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Spectrum Symposium Trivia!

Written by Cathy Turner, Spectrum Enterprises

If you were fortunate enough to attend the 2011 Spectrum Symposium in NYC you will know that Friday morning started with a fun game of LIHTC Trivia. I think I can clearly say that fun was had by all! Plus there were great prizes! I am now seeking your help to make the 2012 Trivia Game an even bigger success!

I am looking for FUN, INTERESTING, and CREATIVE trivia questions. Questions can be related to:

  • Tax Credits
  • HUD
  • Section 42
  • Physical Inspections
  • Training
  • Forms

Here are some of the questions used last year:

  • What year was the LIHTC program signed into law? What President signed the bill?
  • On July 18, 2011, what Senator, from what state released a deficit reduction proposal entitled “Back in Black” in which he called for the elimination of the LIHTC program?
  • What celebrity LIHTC investor played first base and designated hitter (DH) for the Boston Red sox and was awarded the American League MVP in 1995?
  • Name the 12 cities that have held the annual Spectrum Symposium?

Have fun and be creative!

Please email your question with the correct answer to cturner@spectrulihtc.com! or leave them in the comment section below. Thank you for your assistance. I hope to see all of you in Washington, DC.

If you are looking for registration information please refer to www.spectrumseminars.com. The 2012 Spectrum Symposium will be held in Washington DC on November 14-16 at the Grand Hyatt Washington.


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