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The Importance of Training

Written by Melissa Zera, Spectrum Enterprises

The stakes are high with maintaining compliance in affordable housing. Loss of credits, recapture, termination of subsidy can all be a result of mistakes caused by management moving in ineligible households or errors in recertification processing. It is critical new employees are given proper training in affordable housing. Training leads to quality performance and paves the path for development and success.

Be sure your new staff fully understands the structure of the property. It’s worth the time for a senior representative from the company to take an hour or so and discuss the development history and process of the property. At the end of the hour, they should understand how the property was funded, who the stakeholders are, how the rents are structured, any state/local/federal compliance requirements(s) and so forth.

If the property has subsidy programs such as HUD, RD or restricted rents/income like LIHTC, certification training should be scheduled with an expectation of a passing score. Seasoned managers that have had prior training should be scheduled for refresher courses as regulations are constantly changing and often forgotten.

Textbook benefits of training: Training improves morale and helps new hires feel more secure and informed which equals better job performance and satisfaction. A well trained employee will require less supervision resulting in better time management and productivity. Errors will less likely to occur with proper training. Chances for advanced promotion are increased as employees become more valuable with skills and knowledge.

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