The End to Social Security Paper Checks

Written by Melissa Zera, Spectrum Enterprises

As of March 1, 2013 the U.S. Social Security Administration has done away with paper checks.  Recipients must now opt for either funds disbursed via direct deposit or have their benefits loaded on a “Direct Express Debit Card” (DEDC).  The debit card is automatically loaded by SSA and is not connected with any of the recipient’s current bank accounts nor can additional funds be added by the card holder.

HUD has advised that a DEDC must be verified as an asset consistent with that of savings accounts using the current balance.  Ways to verify these balances are through use of an ATM balance inquiry receipt, paper statement or online verification printout.  The verification must identify the account holder, account number and current balance. 

Property Managers should question applications with Social Security income and zero assets.   Due to this change, these households will have some type of asset(s) to verify.

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