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New Employment Verification Form

We are posting a new employment verification form on our web site. If you are working in a State monitored by Spectrum please start using the form immediately. It is also available for use by any of our private clients.

The new form was developed to include questions that will remove any and all guesswork regarding year to date calculations. For example, with the new form if the employer tells you pay is received bi-weekly and the year to date figure listed represents eleven pay periods the math is very simple (YTD figure / 11 * 26). And anyone looking at the form should come up with the same calculation result!

We are also now asking how employees are paid. If paid by direct deposit we know to look for a bank account or debit card. If paid in cash we know to look at this as possible self-employment income. If the employer notes there is a 401K contribution we know to look for that account in household assets.

Hopefully you’ll find it as useful as we think it will be! The new form is available both as a Word document and as a fillable pdf.

You can find the forms here on our Resources page along with all of our updated forms.

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