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Original Household No Longer Occupies Unit

Written by Cathy Turner, Spectrum Enterprises

During a recent training I attended there seemed to be quite a bit of confusion regarding adding additional household members to a lease. It is extremely important to thoroughly verify the income of any new occupants even if the original occupant has lived in the unit for many years.

One reason this verification is so important is that you must determine if the new occupant would be income eligible if living in the unit by themselves. If the original occupant moves from the unit leaving just the new household member you could end up with an over income household.


  1. Verify income of the new household member. Add this income amount to the most recent certification including all supporting back up.
  2. Determine whether or not this person qualifies for the unit by themselves based on the current income limit. Document the file so you have the information if needed in the future.
  3. If the applicant is income eligible you will have no worries if the original occupant decides to leave. The new household member can continue to reside in the unit.
  4. If you determine that the new occupant would not qualify by themselves you must take additional action. You can still allow the move-in. However, your lease agreement should clearly state that the new occupant does not have rights to the apartment if the original household members were to vacate the unit. Please remember that it is always best to consult your attorney when you make changes to your lease agreement.

For additional information on the subject see the Audit Guide page 4-5.


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