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Pay Attention during a Physical Inspection

Written by Katie Rawson, Spectrum Enterprises

When you have an inspector coming out to your property to conduct a physical inspection management should see this as a great opportunity to walk the property and get into some units you may not otherwise enter. Often times management will stay behind during the inspection and send the inspector with only a maintenance person, who may or may not give you a good picture of how the inspection went and the condition of the units.

Bring a notepad and write down any issues you see. Ask the inspector to tell you the issues in each unit as you go. After each unit make sure you have noted the same issues as the inspector. By playing an active role during the inspection, it shows you care and the inspector will be much more likely to point out any issues to you. In addition to bringing a notepad along have maintenance bring a bucket with some extra supplies such as replacement batteries for the smoke detectors, extra smoke detectors, and some basic tools for any easy fixes along the way. This allows for some of the issues to be fixed on the spot, making less work for everyone later.

At some properties with highly organized maintenance staff they will have one or two maintenance people following the inspectors who stay behind in the unit and repair any issues found. I realize that this is not a possibility for every property but if you have some maintenance staff you can pull from a nearby property for the day it is certainly a great way to get the work down quickly and is quite impressive.


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