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LIHTC Spring Clean Up!

Written by Lainey Nadeau, Spectrum Enterprises

Spring is here! Here are some things to check around the exterior of your property at this time and consistently throughout the year. Guidance comes from the HUD UPCS Inspection Protocol.

Fencing and gates:  Make sure there are no damaged or missing sections. Check for broken hinges or locks. Make sure any fences are not falling or leaning. Check for chipped or peeling paint. Make sure there is no penetrating vegetation. 

Erosion: Check for any natural or man made erosion. Look for any collection or removal of ground/surface material. For example you may find a buildup of sand/soil or you may see areas where soil or mulch is missing. Look for ruts, grooves and depressions. For example you may find depressions in the ground that could now pose a trip hazard.

Signs: Check all exterior property sign to ensure they are not damaged and do not pose a safety hazard. 

Litter:  Clean up any excessive litter at your property. Check trash enclosures for any damages.

Parking Lots, Driveways, Roads: Check for cracks, height differentials (greater than ¾ inch), ponding (water accumulation), pot holes, loose material, and for settlement/heaving (where the pavements has sank or risen). 

Play areas & Equipment: Check to make sure equipment is not broken, incomplete or inoperable. Make sure the play surface (sand, soil or mulch) has not deteriorated or washed away. Check to ensure the playground is and remains accessible per ADA standards (for example, can be accessed via a wheelchair.)

Storm drains: Check to make sure all storm drains are structurally sound and are not blocked by debris.   

Walkways/Steps: Check from damaged or missing stairwell hand rails. Check walkways and steps for cracks, settlement or heaving. Check walkways for spalling (if walkway is crumbling, flaking or chipping). 

Exterior doors: Make sure all exterior doors are functioning and in good condition. Check the frame, header, jamb, threshold, lint and trim. Make sure the door is not warped, split, cracked or broken. Make sure all hard ware (including hinges, tracks, hangers and door knobs) and locks are working properly. Make sure there are no holes, peeling or cracking paint, broken glass or significant rust in or on the door. Check that all sealant, stripping or caulking is not missing or deteriorated. 

Foundation:  Check for any cracks, flaking, chipping or crumbling. Make sure no underlying material (rebar) is exposed. 

Lighting: Check all exterior lighting. Make sure there are no broken or inoperable bulbs or fixtures. 

Roof: Check the roof to ensure there are no damaged or clogged drains. Check for damaged soffit/fascia, vents, ballast or gutters. 

Walls: Check exterior walls (for example, wood, siding, concrete) for any cracks, gaps, missing pieces, holes or damaged caulking or mortar. Make sure walls are not stained, peeling, in need of paint.

Windows: Check to ensure windows are not broken, missing, or cracked. Make sure screens are not missing or damaged. Make sure sills, frames, lintels and trim are not damaged by decay, rust, rot, corrosion or other deterioration. Check all window caulking and sealants to ensure there is no deterioration. Make sure painted window frames are not cracking, flaking or otherwise deteriorating. 
Entry Ways, Decks, Porches: Make sure all are structurally sound and do not show signs of deterioration. Make sure painted surfaces are not cracking, flaking or otherwise deteriorating. 

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